SAME DAY Delivery - payment by 2pm on the same day

Fashion Wholesale

Wholesale Customer

- Minimum item per order is 6 items, can mix design, styles or colors.

- Items are NOT returnable or exchangable. Kindly refer our Return Policy.


- Orders will be cancelled automatically if payment is not made within 48 hours upon order made or without any further notice given for late payment.

- Kindly inform us after payment made by email or whatsapp/ wechat so we can process your order as soon as possible.


How to Order

A)  By Website   

     1.   Please sign as member at website

     2.   Email to and request upgrade to wholesale customer

     3.   Login to place order

     4.   Make payment and inform us. 


B)  By Whatsapp / Wechat:  +6016 557 6229   ( Stop using phone no +6016 449 5229)

     1.   Whatsapp/ Wechat this no

     2.   Give picture or Item code wanna order

     3.   Our sale team will follow up and process the order. 



Borong Customer

-  min item untuk setiap order ialah 6 helai (boleh campur design)

-  barang yang dijual tidak dipulangkan kecuali rosak

-  order akan cancel dalam 48 jam jika tiada payment dibuat

-  selepas pembayaran, sila email atau whatsapp kami bank slip. 


Cara Untuk Order

A)  Order dengan website

     1.  Sila sign up sebagai member kat website 

     2.  Hantar email ke dan minta untuk upgrade account ke borong customer

     3.  Login ke website untuk buat order

     4.  Buat pembayaran dan bagi payment slip ke email


B)   Order dengan Whatsapp / Wechat:  +6016 557 6229   ( Stop using phone no +6016 449 5229)

     1.  Whatsapp / Wechat no ini

     2.  Bagi gambar atau item code yang nak order

     3.  Sale team kami akan tolong order dan hantar bagi bos.